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Build your investment portfolio and mine tokens on a global platform.

I‘M Meta Trader


The digital asset market is an environment where individuals have a disadvantage compared to institutional investors or companies.

Institutional investor

  • Use advanced ICT technology
  • Collaborative space with experts
  • A variety of information

Private investor

  • ICT of limited performance
  • Limited information
  • An activity in a limited space
  • Absence of expert groups
I‘M Meta Trader


Meta is recognized as the optimal solution that links practical investment tools for investors in search of an integrated platform amidst the rapidly evolving investment landscape. Within this context, IMMT stands as a global Meta platform, catering to cryptocurrency investors and companies while spearheading the development of a new trading culture.


Information, revenue

At Meta World, users will be connected in real-time, share information, and discover numerous revenue opportunities


Using the deep learning AI

Users can set up and manage all their investment services and financial activities through Deep Learning AI.


Integrated Interface Connections

It connects various cryptocurrency and other investment and profit activities such as defi, mining, and margin trading to IMMT's integrated interface.


Integrated service provision

It integrates Meta, NFT, and artificial intelligence trading solutions and provides them to users.


Build up Investment Space

IMMT helps build your own perfect investment environment in a virtual space.

I‘M Meta Trader


We provide a new investment experience. We link all of our users’ trading activities to their experiences, assets, data, and new investment value creation through the IMMT platform. The IMMT platform allows users to optimize, upgrade, Have more intelligent real-life investment activities in virtual space. (Pursuit of Customization, Advancement, and Intelligence).

Trading services and activities distributed across multiple platforms are integrated through user accounts and Deep Learning AI within IMMT. And it will be compensated to the user through mining of users' trading activities. The IMMT token mined by the user in proportion to the total a mount of activities in the platform, including trading, returns to the user's wallet as a user's reward. Users can expand these activities into Meta space to more intuitively and visualize them. There is a marketplace where you can build your own space in the Meta and trade it through NFT.

IMMT helps to make individual financial activities more efficient with the Convergence of Meta World and AI.

Users can use their AI within imtrader to customize their investment environment to increase their capabilities and accelerate investment further.

Core Service


  • Collect market news and info, and deliver to the user. The higher the intelligence of the AI is, the better suited for the user.
  • Provide comparatively safe and stable profit.
  • Able to upgrade itself depending on the token used by the AI bot’s owner.

Social Trading

  • Channel to share collective intelligence.
  • Communities such as Chat where you can share your portfolio.
  • Sharing economy system; users share profit by providing ‘Copy Trading.’
  • Invite your friends.
  • Send tokens to friends as gifts.

Trade Mining

  • Mine tokens as you trade
  • Mine tokens depending on the certain actions you take
  • Cash-out the tokens using Terafarm’s liquidity pool
  • Share mined tokens when you do copy-trading or sharing portfolio

Meta World (NFT)

Meta business

Corporate space, advertising, event, customer service

Meta Store

P2P trading, item sales, NFT exchanges (real estate, cloth)

Meta Activity

Chat alarm information

I‘M Meta Trader

Deep Learning AI

The investment model, called robo-advisors, does not deviate much from the level of quantitative analysis programmed with traditional financial theories. Robo-advisors received a lot of attention a few years ago, but now they are far from the attention of many.terafarmkorea's Deep Learning AI has a distinct difference from the concept of a bot. Terafarmkorea uses all the information it has access to, in addition to data from exchanges and coin prices accumulated over a long period of time, to explore complex patterns that humans cannot find.

IMMT's AI uses various proven algorithms to segment each piece of information and perform data mining through a neural network. After data mining, it is verified through deep learning and machine learning. The AI ​​generated through this process goes beyond the existing advisor-type AI to automatically trade according to the user's conditions. That is, in the first stage, the progress to the existing request (advisor) type AI is the first, and after all deep learning is finished, the active AI is completed.

IMMT's deep learning AI enables sophisticated analysis and execution through unrivaled technology and collaboration with major companies

Create an AI character that has not ever existed before.

The ultimate goal of IMMT AI is to have a self. It is a growth-type AI that develops through user actions and events on the system to have a self. It is a growth-type AI that acquires a self through user interactions and system events. Both the internal personality and external appearance of IMMT AI develop. Either an AI that looks like an adult and is cute or an AI that has a monster appearance but is innocent can be created

The AI ​​that has gone through the growth process becomes the only AI without redundancy, and after that, it can be traded as NFT within IMMT. Until now, NFTs traded things made by others, but from now on, it is possible to trade AI designed and created by traders in the trader's name.If a trader considers appearance important, they can decorate their appearance through various events and activities, and if they want an AI suitable for investment, they can sell items such as boosters at a higher rate of return.

Deep Learning AI characters are items that help users' financial activities, and the range and performance of the characters' functions are optimized according to their individual activities.

Each character has a specialized function, and the range, performance, and optimization level of the function is varied through character development and reinforcement activities. The self-optimized character will be a digital assistant that links consumers to the most recent tools, algorithms, and deep learning AI.

Character management
(game shoes through AI characters)

Users can venture into the World of Trader with characters like games. The various gamification elements that can be enjoyed as characters are intuitive and linked to investor activities. Characters can find and link events that users have not discovered yet. You can wake up to advertising events, drops, competitions, and non-face-to-face conferences that present gifts to participants. Users will feel joy by developing characters like growth games.

Character sales
(profits through AI characters)

The character creates a chance to make additional profits in addition to the pleasure. Includes both the profits in the IMMT platform and the profits from finance and investment online services outside the platform. The character tells and leads the investment information that helps users. What's more noticeable is that it can be sold at a higher market price as you have fostered characters. The characters are all tokenized with NFT, and each token will have a different price. If you nurture multiple characters skillfully, you will be an attractive investment. This is the case with a unique design trading character, a high -grade character, and a character with differentiated features.

Character growth

There is different design for each character, and if you continue to nurture the character or install an item on the character, the character can grow. Various activities in the IMMT platform provide characters with opportunities to learn the user's tendency. This is a process that the character optimizes for its individual users. After several hours, it can develops to become the best friend and secretary for user. The user activities are closely linked to items, rewards, and mining for character growth.

I‘M Meta Trader

Meta World of Traders

Globally, traders, blockchain projects, and financial firms will integrate into the IMMT economy via the Meta world, transforming users' investments and financial interactions. IMMT initiates this with individual tiles and NFTs, establishing ownership of Meta World. Each zone offers diverse financial activities. Users can personalize their investment environment, access information, services, and advanced solutions in designated areas. Event activities provide opportunities for entertainment, jackpots, and community engagement in marketplaces.

I‘M Meta Trader

Build Up Value

The first investment platform provided by IMMT is to open the platform to participate in Binance Swap. Increasingly, more and more value development and profit making opportunities are provided. Users can engage in activities to increase their own profits and values in various ways.

Space building Up

Decorate and develop tiles within Metaworld as their investment activity sp ace You can rent space or sell buildings in Meta including tiles, to pursue profits A.

Deep Learning AI growth

Deep Learning AI can faster and upgrade design, function, and performance in proportion to user activities. High efficiency AI can help users get mining, drop, and investment information more easily and quickly. The more the AI is developed, the higher the sales price of the AI itself and the higher the compensation of the user who owns the AI.

Mining and events

The user's activity index centered on trading increases the distribution ratio to the compensation pool created through IMMT mining. Participating in various events allows you to obtain items and additional rewards that can be applied to the AI and Meta World.

I‘M Meta Trader


IMMT tokens are a means of payment for compensation for activities within IMMT and a central currency of the IMMT blockchain platform to be connected to various DApps in the future In partnership with global fin ancial companies, as a result, more service destinations will be provided, and d the investment life of IMMT users and holders will gain more value thanks to connection with global exchanges like Binance.

I‘M Meta Trader

Token Economy

Terafarm creates an ecosystem where traders and users can mine IMMT tokens and cash in mined tokens. It also deposits IMMT tokens mined within the platform to acquire or nurture AI while providing continuous liquidity to users. The flow of tokens that create ecosystem circulation is as follows.


General Business

Using tokens, you can maximize profits and have differentiated strategies by creating services with various types of projects such as games.



It uses IMMT tokens within the platform to foster AI and circulate the ecosystem through various methods.


Token provided

Terafarm provides token to traders and users depending on their certain actions.


Token monetization

Users can monetize their tokens using Liquidity Pool (DEX)


liquidity supply

Terafarm will constantly provide liquidity to the pool, preventing the price of token from plunging.


Traffic, trading volume

Meanwhile, exchanges and brokers can enjoy increasing traffic and trading volume from traders who keep using Terafarm platform to benefit themselves.

I‘M Meta Trader


We do business with not only a reliable global cryptocurrency exchange but also firms in numerous industries such as ICT, finance, and electric vehicles.

I‘M Meta Trader


IMMT will introduce Meta through three levels of Horizon. At the same time, we will complete artificial intelligence and big data solutions combined with trading bots and verify and optimize them through users' investment activities. Horizon 1 launches a platform for swaps of bots and IMMTs. Horizon 2 will showcase and distribute the first space in t he Meta to users, and Horizon 3 will launch an IMMT platform that is fully fused with Meta.

  • 2023 4q
    • Completion of Terafarm
    • Whitepaper 1.0
    • Token launch
    • MOU with at least 2 exchanges
  • 2024 1q
    • MOU with at least 5 exchanges and brokers
    • Avatar service launch
    • Token audit
    • O2O marketing with AMA and online event
    • PR
  • 2024 2q
    • AI service launch
    • 1st batch of AI NFT launch
    • MOU with at least 10 exchanges and brokers
  • 2024 3Q
    • 2nd batch of AI NFT launch
    • MOU with at least 20 exchanges and brokers
I‘M Meta Trader

Social Media

IMMT has various social media channels where you can obtain a variety of information, including news, updates, and articles related to IMMT. Follow our channels to stay informed.