IMMT Mining

We are mining in real time and deposit the pancakeswap once one block is completed.

How to participate in mining

1. Creating a Wallet

Creating a Wallet

Creating from a Metamask

2. Register your wallet address

Register your wallet address

3. Registering tokens

Introduction to Mining Process

Let me explain our own mining methods

1. Compensation accrued while the user was using the service accumulates

2. The moment the reward reaches $1000, a block is created

3. When the block is created, deposit money is placed in the pancakeswap

4. Compensate IMMT Token according to user contribution

* You can check the compensation details on page dashboard > reward

5. The user exchanges the compensated IMMT Token in a pancake swap

Safe Mining

We are safely mining, and check out the IMMT Token and Pancake Swap pages